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Extrasensory Intelligence
For Long-Term Wealth Creation

Extrasensory Intelligence

For Long-Term Wealth Creation

Get fund-level insight and institutional-grade algorithms without the hefty fees.
Modus Strategies Dashboard
No Lock-in Periods
No Management Fees
No Performance Fees
No Minimums

License our algorithms and get access to 14 trading strategies and 4 portfolios available across Bitcoin and Gold.

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How our algorithms are made

Purpose built for volatile & harsh market conditions


We program variables into our AI, which generates millions of strategies that fit our criteria.


We conduct 1000s of simulations and randomisations of the data to see how it affects the metrics.


We randomise slippage, spread and strategy parameters to improve robustness in market volatility.


We invest our fund's capital in trading the strategies, determining what's optimal for our clients.

Two ways you can use our technology

  • We've created balanced portfolios (combinations of strategies) where each strategy tends to trade independently (low correlation).
  • Our portfolios are like index funds; they’re baskets of our most effective strategies with sound risk management practices baked-in.
This is for you if you'd like:
  • A balanced & professionally-risk managed approach.
  • To review performance monthly or quarterly.
  • To be exposed to exciting assets without the stress.
  • Build your own portfolio using our suite of 14 algorithms. Set the focus of your approach by selecting from strategies across Bitcoin and Gold. 
  • Use the Modus Network to get insight on trends, market updates and strategy recommendations.
This is for you is you'd like to:
  • Actively select and manage your trading strategies.
  • Follow trade activity and performance closely.
  • Use our technology to amplify your trade performance.
Choose Your Strategy
Complete flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to where you put your money.
Set Your Risk Profile
Our systems manage risk at a professional fund management level, working to ensure your peace of mind.
Track Your Returns
See and monitor performance over time, at all times, via our user-friendly dashboard.
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What you get

Elite trading technology for building long-term wealth with your money, in your account - 365/24/7.

Automated monitoring and optimisation
Access to all of our machine learning algorithms and portfolios with automated monitoring and optimisation.
Network Access
Access our online learning platform and investor network for conversation, community and courses. 
Management Dashboard
Access your ultra-secure cloud console to choose strategies, manage risk, monitor performance.

Easy-to-use wealth building
technology for anyone & everyone

  • No special software requirements
  • No complex configurations
  • No prior trading experience needed
  • No degrees or training required
Invest Anywhere
Modus is a global wealth building company with clients from over 75 countries.
Withdraw Anytime
Your funds are in your custody. There’s no lock-in, you can withdraw 24/7.
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How it works

3 simple steps to start wealth building
Register by completing our fast and secure application form online.
Get your account setup and configured with our client support team.
Add funds to your account using your chosen and preferred payment method.
Secure, fast & free
Instant processing on most funding options.
1-3 business days for bank transfers.
Funds are held in segregated accounts with a regulated broker.
Funds held safely & securely with Westpac Bank of Australia.

Wealth Is A Long-Term Goal We'll Guide You Towards

Our aim is to help you succeed at building long-term wealth. Select your desired account type and fill in the form with the relevant information.