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Our Systems Are Built On Years Of Fund Management Experience & Industry Disillusionment

Our Systems Are Built On Years Of

Fund Management Experience &

Industry Disillusionment

Nathan SageNathan Sage
Nathan Sage
Dear Wealth Builder
We live in a world where truth has become subjective.
Finding valuable information in the media mess feels like searching for a needle in an ever-expanding haystack (which is manure).
  • Today’s news is junk food for the masses.
  • Traditional publications are limited by their legacy.
  • Twitter and other social media platforms are a minefield.
It is challenging to know what’s true when you’re unsure of who you can trust.
In these conditions, where and how do you get the insight to inform your investment decision-making?
Using big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, I help global Fund manager’s experiencing the same challenges. I provide decision support services in strategy, risk management, and trade execution.
Through Modus, I’m building a community where our members have access to the insights, algorithms and technology needed to make meaning, make sense and make money.
Here are three ways you can get involved:

Over a 35 year career, I’ve started, built and sold multiple businesses across numerous industries, from logistics to professional services.

Fund Manager

I’m a former FCA-regulated investment advisor and fund manager with a proven track record trading financial markets and managing large portfolios. 

Data Scientist

I led a data science practice for a global management consulting firm, specialising in developing predictive analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities that focused on social behaviour.


I’ve created predictive models for market behaviours, developed trading algorithms, and licence the technology to global wealth funds.  

Wealth Builder

I'm packaging my life's work, knowledge, and expertise into tools and technology to build a community of modern wealth builders.

The goal: live confidently in a world you're comfortable not fully understanding
After decades spent in the financial sector, we came to recognise that prohibitive practices limit the average person’s opportunities for wealth-creation. You’re restricted by the assets that a fund manager can expose you to and the risks they can afford to take. 
So, we set out to democratise traditional fund management capabilities and professional trading practices in order to allow you as an investor to rest easy whilst our strategies navigate volatile markets and build wealth on your behalf. 
The Team Behind Modus
Simon CurtisSimon Curtis
Simon Curtis
Head of Product Development
Nathan SageNathan Sage
Nathan Sage
Chief Executive Officer
Tom MorganTom Morgan
Tom Morgan
Head of Research & Development
Simon Curtis
Marco Cravero
Managing Director
Simon CurtisRichard Scott-Martin
Richard Scott-Martin
Head of Marketing
Nathan SageJoel Perlman
Joel Perlman
Head of Sales